There is a lot of talk about
There is a lot of talk about Guardiola's failure to succeed in the Premiership, the most famous of which is Andy Gray: "Can Barcelona succeed in the Premiership? Let's imagine that Messi will be playing in the rainy night of Stoke City More uncomfortable Barca played really good, but in the Premiership, they are difficult to adapt to such high-intensity physical confrontation Tomas Fleischmann Jersey, but the style of soccer will give Barcelona a big challenge. "Not only Gray, Bo Aspen Barcelona's tactical style can be successful in the Premiership is also skeptical, he believes Barcelona's 433 tactical system in the Premiership "too easy to lose the ball."

This season, Premier League, Wayne Rooney completed a total of 24 foot shots Julius Nattinen Jersey, 12 shots positive, he effectively scored 9 goals, shot conversion rate reached 37.5%, this figure is the highest in the five major leagues. From this data can be seen, Wayne Rooney in the goalkeeper the ability to seize the opportunity is very strong, with increasing age, Rooney's speed and explosiveness than before, but in shooting accuracy, he still maintained a high standard.

Monaco won the French championship last season, and reached the Champions League semi-finals, and many players have also been the wealthy team attention Emerson Etem Jersey, Lemarr is one of them, Lemarr can play midfielder and left Dustin Tokarski Jersey, Right wing and many other positions last season for Monaco played 41 appearances scored 14 goals and 14 assists.
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Arsenal urgently need to regain
Arsenal's 14-game winning streak scored 31 goals in a row, averaging 2.21 goals, 25 goal difference goals, averaging 1.78 goal difference goals. Manchester City, this wave of League 15-game winning streak into a total of 49 balls Cam Fowler Jersey, averaging 3.26 goals scored, a total of 39 goal difference goals, averaging goal difference 2 Francois Beauchemin Jersey.6.

Arsenal urgently need to regain the feeling of victory: Arsenal in the last round of London derby 0 +0 nausea with West Ham United, the recent 3 league 2 draws and 1 losses not win. In the Premier League standings, Arsenal rankings have dropped to seventh, but the Spurs from the fourth only 1 point gap. This time back to the poor state of Newcastle United at home, Arsenal are eager to regain the feeling of victory, to return to the top four.

Newcastle nearly 8 1 level 7 negative: Newcastle United recent state is very bad Nick Ritchie Jersey, the last round of their home loss to Everton 0: 1 three-game losing streak Sami Vatanen Jersey. The recent eight rounds of the Premiership, Magpie Corps 1 level 7 negative win, the ranking slipped to No. 16, only 1 point away from the relegation gap, the relegation situation has become grim, coach Benitez also heard the voice of get out of class. This time Arsenal challenge, the magpies Corps want to usher in the Emirates Stadium is extremely difficult to usher in a rebound.
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Kahn officially beyond the legendary
Kahn officially beyond the legendary Eck Immel, become the Bundesliga history played the most number of goalkeeper. After retiring, his 557 Bundesliga appearances also came in third in history, behind only Karlz (581) and Karl-Heinz Kober (602). In addition, Kahn is a zero-goal record holder.

Super Rover Kyrgyzstan king: Arsenal this summer, the introduction of the new striker Pula Kazat 17 rounds have been harvested eight league goals Michael Sgarbossa Jersey, the alternate turn left after the weekend he is expected to return to starter. The other center, Girouz, will be able to surpass Solskjaer (17 goals) if he is on the bench this offseason and become the Premier League substitute for the same team with the most goals Antoine Vermette Jersey. Previously, Ji Lu broke Newcastle City eight times, the magpie army is his goal scored the most, including four recent Premiership against Newcastle United, Giros sent five goals and one assists data.

Renato - Sanchez, a year and a half ago or the European Champions League scenery has become incomparable Dany Heatley Jersey, even at the end of the British Premier League team are reluctant to retain abandoned. According to "transfer market" exposure material Paul Kariya Jersey, Swansea hope to terminate the small Sanchez lease earlier, even if the loss should be sent back to Bayern.
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However Kahn seems
However, Kahn seems, these honors and records are nothing, "These are not my most important thing, more attractive to me is to create an era with a team. It is with Bayern and at It was 14 years for every great player I met there to enable me to achieve these accomplishments.

Confrontation track record Arsenal dominant: the history of the two sides had a total of 177 clashes, Arsenal 74 wins, 38 draws and 65 losses prevail, into the 264 ball lost 238 ball Hampus Lindholm Jersey. One home against Newcastle United, Arsenal record of 50 wins and 17 draws and 23 losses, into the 161 goals missed 87 goals. The two teams last 11 clashes Arsenal 9 wins, 2 draws unbeaten Jacob Larsson Jersey, of which the most recent 9-time showman won.

Renato - Sanchez not yet 19 years old won the Delaunay Cup and won the 2016 rookie of the European Cup best rookie Frederik Andersen Jersey, was valued at only 20 million euros, Benfica sold to Bayern to sell 35 million euros high German media exclaimed "Bayern earned!" But after the German media exposure, Sanchez transfer fee up to 80 million euros, such as into the FIFA annual lineup, then Bayern need to add 10 million bonuses to Benfica; if the entry into the gold Ball top three James Wisniewski Jersey, Bayern additional 10 million.
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